Night of the Living L-Head

Here is a nonsensical post from a top secret location in Detroit, and some abandoned Packards.

Circa mid-2000s, I wandered through an odd scrap of Milwaukee Junction one nasty day, to find a cemetery for 1940s-1950s Packards.

Also a zombie Gran Torino:

...get off my lawn.

In fact, if you look at it on an aerial map, you can see that this spot used to be a huge railroad right-of-way, now reverted to overgrown scrub-land, at best used to store things like industrial dumpsters or shipping containers: Bing Maps LINK

Or zombie cars.

This was across the street from the former American Blower Corp. plant, but it was once mostly Fisher Body Corp. territory. The Fisher Body Plants #15, #8, and #9 were a block away. Fisher Body Plant #21 is down the street still standing.

Icicles hang from the rusty panels of the old classics, just waiting for me to come up with some melodramatic, ham-fisted metaphor about the state of the auto industry or the Detroit economy...

...but I'll resist.

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