The "Eyesore" Honor Roll

In my many travels across the vast state of Michigan, I have found a few spots where ruins have been specifically preserved as ruins, and the public is allowed to visit. I really love it when local governments or private landowners get this right instead of treating ruins as "eyesores" and squandering resources on (1) keeping people out, (2) prosecuting trespassers, and (3) eventually tearing down and sending a culturally valuable historic landmark to a landfill. So I compiled this list to both highlight and salute the communities on it for responsibly preserving their our heritage, and to inspire other communities to do the same. If you don't like "eyesores," then too bad—stay home and cry while the rest of us go on an adventure.

There may be more, but these are the ones I have visited where ruins have either been preserved as ruins, incorporated into a park, or at least the owners have specifically avoided tearing them down or keeping people out. As always, be respectful of our past when visiting.

Fort Wayne, Detroit

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