Greatest Hits

Some of my best posts, and most unique spots.

Nerve-wracking trek out into frozen Lake Erie to abandoned lighthouse. Long, but intense...

Wanna see me climb up the side of an abandoned ship? Of course you do.

Every Detroiter's favorite fun a crazy hidden ship.

Four-part series on the grand Wayne County Building, including sneaking up into the tower.

Nautical cemetery, or secret bbq spot?

Overnight hike to an abandoned Upper Peninsula lighthouse.

Okay, another one about abandoned boats...I guess that's what people like?

Climbing the king of abandoned skyscrapers.

Nothing quite like a fresh kill.

Even fresher than the last.

It's exactly what it looks like.
Not for the Faint of Heart

A Detroit icon. As seen in the movies.

Sneaking aboard a derelict yacht owned by a famous Ford Motor Co. executive.
Broken Toys of the Motor City's Nobility

Chillin' with Quasimodo and stuff.

Built of glittering, radiation-proof concrete, by a religious commune.
The Weirdest Hotel in Michigan

The big black beast of Downriver.
Escape From McLouth

The search for 2,000-year-old stone ruins on Lake Huron's shore.
Just Like an Aborigine

An island, a tunnel in the woods. Government secret, or rum runner's paradise?
Maheras Mystery

An abandoned observatory...and a Gathering reference. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

This one is more about the story than the exploring.

The Silverdome.

Classic Henry Ford mystery tale.
Henry Ford's Other Son

Another skyscraper, and a lot of metaphor. A personal fave.

There are so many great posts from Merchant's Row, why not list them all?

A "live" infiltration, sung to the stomping feet of celtic rock fans? Sure.

I'm not that big on asylums, but this one was an exception.
The Traverse City Code

No spoilers for this one. Just read it.
Ruins From My Own Past

A week-long wilderness mission to find traces of lost cults on Lake Michigan islands.

This one wins for sheer bizarreness.

A week-long wilderness quest to rediscover an 1850s copper mine before it is destroyed forever.
The Norwich Report

Infiltrating the administrative offices of the legendary Ford Model-T Plant.
Henry Ford Did Work Here

The Art Deco era, writ large.
Detroit's Motor Row

This one is pure Motor City history.
The Night Shift

Searching for the ruins of the last British fort ever built in America.
His Majesty's Last Stronghold

The beatest apartment building in Detroit.

One of the most important battlegrounds in Detroit's fight for organized labor.
"For the Union Makes Us Strong"

More skyscraper stealth.
Vint Condition

A Boy Scout camp I used to go to, now abandoned.
Will the Real Paul Bunyan Please Stand Up

On the importance of ruins, and Bay City's part in the Great War.
"Alternative History," Part 2

The ruins of the James Vernor II estate.