Greatest Hits, 2016:

Conspiracy theories, the Skyscraper Graveyard, and the lonely man who lived there.

How Corktown almost became the headquarters of Ford Motor Co. in the 1920s.

Ruins of the last great logging town in Michigan.

Exploring one of the best-preserved copper mining sites in Michigan.

Exploring the history of Detroit's most famous housing project, in three parts.

The slow death of a Catholic church in the heart of Detroit.

Where Detroit's most beloved school superintendent got his start.

Visiting a little-known outpost of the Henry Ford empire.

That moment when you realize there's an abandoned copper mine at the end of your block.

This one is another exclusive.

The death of copper mining in Michigan.

Way, way off the beaten path.

Get your bullwhip and pith helmet for this one.

A social epicenter.

The place in Michigan where a dying language was first put on paper.

Unexpected history uncovered in the backyard.

Detroit's other famous hotel.

One of the best car factories to explore in Detroit.

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