Greatest Hits, 2015:

Climbing the king of abandoned skyscrapers.

Sneaking aboard a derelict yacht owned by a famous Ford Motor Co. executive.

Built of glittering, radiation-proof concrete, by a religious commune.
The Weirdest Hotel in Michigan

The search for 2,000-year-old stone ruins on Lake Huron's shore.

That famous guy's dome home.

The definitive breakdown of everyone's favorite asylum.

Hidden in plain sight...

An abandoned theater, skyscraper, and bank, all in one.

A Nazi prisoner of war camp in the Upper Peninsula.

The "school-to-factory" pipeline.

Snooping around the nether regions below St. Aloysius.

Of Mark Twain, and the Detroit Public Library.

Walking around the big iron ore dock in Marquette.

A Victorian mansion that played a part in the Japanese internment.

Stopping by an Upper Peninsula ghost town.

Super-snazzy digs in Highland Park with a claim to fame.

Highland Park High School.

A nuclear defense missile base in southern Michigan.

Exploring shipwrecks, and a long-forgotten island ghost town.

Put your thinking caps on for this one.

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Pure Michigan rust.

Getting up to no good in Hamtramck.

A famous cartoonist lived in Detroit during the war.

The saga of Kalamazoo.
The Paper City (In Four Parts)

Infiltrating a former nuclear arsenal just below the NORAD Pinetree Line.
War is Peace

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