Old Regrets

Among one of my big regrets is that I never went into the old Studebaker-EMF Plant, just down the street from Fisher Body Plant 21. It used to stand on the northeast corner of Piquette & John R.

Back then we turned our nose up at it because it looked so rotten and collapsed inside, and we had heard that there was nothing much of interest in there, so we kept passing it up. Next thing we knew it completely burned down in the spring of 2005 in one of the biggest fires in Detroit's recent history, and I would never get the chance to check it out. I was in Lansing at the time and turned on the news to see it blazing back home, much to my surprise.

I only have these two photos of it, really, so I figured I'd share them with the world. That's my gray 1978 Thunderbird, by the way. I miss that car...

Here are two links if you would like to read more about the history of this plant:

BONUS! Here is a photo of the plant from 1976 that I found in the DUCP:

Image from DUCP, via Placepromo.com

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